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Samsung Announces Launch Date For New Galaxy Device

Samsung is sending out invites for the May 3 London launch event of its next generation Galaxy device (Samsung does not say if it is a range of devices or a single phone). The device remains officially unnamed, but has already been gleefully welcomed as the challenger to Apple's "iPhone 5" (or, as sticklers woud have it, the company's sixth-gen device) rumored to launch this year. Samsung's Galaxy line includes several phones, but it is the Galaxy S II that is the company's flagship. Though Samsung raced ahead of Apple in sheer numbers of smartphones shipped last year, Apple snuck ahead to take the lead in the final quarter of 2011 thanks to booming sales of the iPhone 4S. Samsung is close at Apple's heels, yes, but if leading phones are going head-to-head, Samsung's Galaxy S II, though popular, has some ground to cover before it sees the sales numbers that Apple's iPhone enjoys.

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