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Here are the stories you read, shared, tweeted, and pinned this week.


This week’s stories feature some advice on how to focus, be happy, and cherish every day of the week (that’s right, even Monday). There was also a controversial piece on the effects of the buy-one give-one model, most prominently popularized by Toms Shoes. Be sure to voice your opinions below.


1. Why Every Monday Matters
Fast Company

Matt Emerzian makes a compelling case for why we should value our Mondays.


2. The World Happiness Report Explains What Makes People Happy

Check out the report from the United Nations Conference on Happiness on the secrets to happiness.


3. How To Reverse Your Hard Wiring For Distraction
Fast Company

Olivia Fox Cabane has some useful tips on how to clear your cluttered mind and focus on the now.

Chip Can

4. The Pringles Package Sucks. This Chip Can Blooms Into A Bowl


This can of chips morphs into a bowl, you know, because we needed an easier way to stuff our faces with chips.


5. The Broken “Buy-One, Give-One” Model: 3 Ways To Save Toms Shoes

Check out Cheryl Davenport’s controversial article on why Toms might be inadvertently harming those they are trying to help.


6. Unlimited Vacation Doesn’t Create Slackers–It Ensures Productivity
Fast Company

Lydia Dishman makes the case for unlimited vacation. Perhaps you should share this story with your boss…

Google Image

7. The New Google+ Is More Beautiful Than Facebook (But It Doesn’t Matter)

Google has spruced up Google+, but is it too little, too late?

Juiced Statue

8. Amazon Massively Inflates Its Streaming Library Size
Fast Company

Austin Carr exposes Amazon’s suspicious content counting practices.

Instagram Infographic

9. Infographic That’s An Animated GIF Explains Everything About Instagram

This infographic cleverly sums up Instagram’s rags-to-riches story in a few short frames.

Beach Picture

10. How Director Casey Neistat Went Rogue With Nike’s New Ad

Nike’s Casey Neistat took his advertising budget and ran out on a trip around the world. Check out the result.

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