E-Book Antitrust Case Against Apple, Google Redesigns Google+ For Better Photos, Video, Nokia Announces NFC Windows Phone

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U.S. Files Antitrust Suit Against Apple And Publishers. After months investigating the relationship, the U.S. Department of Justice has filed an antitrust suit against Apple and a posse of publishers for banding together and uncompetively keeping the price of e-books high. Apple’s defense, Bloomberg surmises, will be that the Apple-publisher partnership actually increased competition in the larger e-book space–one that is ruled by Amazon. Amazon, however, has become recently unpopular among authors and publishers for independently setting the price of books too low, a position that’s alienated their publisher partners, some of whom may not renew their annual Amazon contracts this year. —NS


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Google Announces Google+ Redesign. Google is rolling out a massive redesign on Google+, keeping room for bigger, better displayed photos, a new profile page, and a nicer interface overall. Their video chat service Hangouts also gets prominence in the new setup. Facebook-like, a chat list with online friends now appears to the right. On the left, Google is introducing a customizable navigation bar that you can fill with your favorite apps. –-NS

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Nokia Debuts New NFC Windows Phone. Nokia has officially debuted the Lumia 610 NFC–its first NFC-capable Windows phone. Running on the Orange network, Nokia is ready to ride the NFC wave that we expect will break this year outside the U.S. The Nokia 610 NFC is compatible with Master Card’s PayPass system and Visa’s Paywave. —NS

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Wolfram Alpha Takes On Shakespeare. Finally, you can do your own analysis of Shakespeare’s best and boldest. Wolfram Alpha has tackled the Bard’s texts in their vast data system–which you can now use to do a word search by play, search for characters, or spot other themes hidden in the playwright’s work. —NS


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Spotify Launches Web-wide Widget. Spotify has launched a new “Play” button–an embeddable widget that can stream music on any website, blog, or Tumblr page “totally free, and totally legal.” Spotify is already quite popular, in part due to a Facebook partnership; with the new widget, it hopes to extend its reach even further. —NS

Software Flaw Earns Lumia 900 Buyers $100. Nokia execs have acknowledged a bug in the new Lumia 900’s ability to access data, and traced it back to a software flaw. A fix is in the works, to be available by mid-April. In the meantime, Nokia is offering $100 in credit (and a free phone swap) to all customers who have bought and will buy the phone, all the way until April 21. —NS


Foxconn Reports Plump March Revenues. Having weathered a Fair Labor Association audit, the Mike Daisey affair, and an unprecedented visit by Apple CEO Tim Cook, Foxconn is reporting increased revenues for March. The numbers add up to an unconsolidated total of $9.43 billion–a 17.8% increase by month, and 29.7% increase year on year. —NS

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