Google Tablet Delay, Instagram Worth $500 Million, Larry Page Explains Google’s Plan, Anonymous Hacktivist Exposes China Secrets

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Google Tablet Delayed. Although we know precious little about Google’s upcoming Nexus tablet, we do now seem to know one fact: It’s delayed. Earlier reports had suggested a June time frame, with the device priced at around $249 ($150 less than the iPad 2’s new price). But Google and maker-partner Asus are said to be delaying the launch until July so they can optimize its price, which may actually then be much lower–perhaps even $150. Rival and also, paradoxically, maker-partner Samsung recently said it was delaying the Galaxy Tab 2 due to extra work needed on its Android 4.0 OS. –KE


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Instagram About To Get $50 Million Injection. Instagram is poised to receive a cash input in a Series B funding round of some $50 million led by Sequoia Capital, so the rumors go. That would place the young social network at a valuation of some $500 million, which is roughly 200 times less than Facebook’s value–actually an astonishingly big percentage, given how new Instagram really is and how narrow its focus versus the sprawling Facebook. –KE

Is Web 2.0 Over? Cofounder of influential VC firm O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures Bryce Roberts has a fascinating opinion post up that questions if we’re already at the boundary of Web 2.0 (the interactive web) with Web 3.0. In his mind, efforts like Google’s Glass and many other highly successful tech efforts out there are all about gathering vast amounts of data. It may be “data monopoly or also-ran,” he worries. Given many developments in tech at the moment, Roberts has a point. –KE

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Facebook To List On Nasdaq, Not NYSE. Although the value of companies listed on the NYSE is about triple that of Nasdaq’s companies, Facebook–in what is likely to be one of the splashiest and most important tech IPOs of the next 10 years–has chosen to list on Nasdaq. –KE

Google’s Larry Page On Google’s Future. Google CEO Larry Page has an open letter on Google’s 2012 plans and the future–though it’s in general terms, the theme sends to be “more of the same from Google.” Core search will continue, but Google will also pursue unexpected side projects like Glass, and Page ended the letter noting “happiness is a healthy disregard for the impossible.” –KE

Anonymous Chinese Hacktivist Reveals Secrets. A hacker called Hardcore Charlie has revealed that he’s hacked into a Chinese military contractor’s computer systems and discovered documents that reveal information on the U.S. military effort in Afghanistan. It’s a big development on Anonymous’s recent effort to expose China to the same sort of digital assault the hackers have used elsewhere around the world. –KE

HTC Profits Slip Thanks To Phones. HTC is now well-known as one of the biggest and best makers of Android phones, but the firm has just revealed financial figures that are its biggest drop in profit since it IPO’d over a decade ago. The Taiwan firm’s net income for the last quarter was $151 million, down 70% on a year ago and even underperforming on gloomy analyst expectations. It was because it “dropped the ball” on phones, according to its CFO, and lost sales to Apple and Samsung. –KE

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