Mac Virus Spreads, Pottermore Success, Apple Fixing iPad Wi-Fi Error, Intel’s StudyBook Tablet For Schools, Anonymous Vs. China

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Amazon Launches Spanish Kindle Store. “EBooks Kindle en Español” launched today with some 30,000 titles to support Spanish-speaking e-book fans in the U.S., and includes an exclusive title from Paulo Coelho, celebrated Brazilian novelist. Spanish customer support is also offered, and Spanish-language newspapers are among the e-texts on offer. –KE


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Over Half-A-Million Macs Affected By Virus. According to a Russian security expert, over 600,000 Macs have been infected with the Flashback trojan virus. It’s installed simply by visiting an infected website, and can steal personal info like passwords, which it reports back home. Over half the infected machines are in the U.S. But a manual fix is available, and Apple has recently patched the security loophole that enabled it. –KE

U.S. Lags Much of Europe, East, In Homes With Wi-Fi. According to a new survey by Strategy Analytics, just 61% of U.S. households have a wireless LAN to share their broadband connection with TVs and mobile gadgets. South Korea and the U.K. led the survey results with 80.3% and 73.3% penetration, and many European nations beat the U.S., as do Japan with 68.4% and Canada with 67.8%. –KE

Dell Acquires Legacy Code Firms. Dell has just bought Make Technologies, a firm that specializes in updating legacy applications and systems for corporate IT clients, for an unmentioned sum. It’s a most recent in a swift round of purchases that’s seen Dell buying similar companies. Presumably Dell is sensitive to the rapid changes in the computing market such as cloud tech and the upcoming upset of Windows 8, and is hedging against it. –KE

Pottermore Sells $1.5 Million Worth Of Harry Potter In 3 Days. Harry Potter’s digital debut was much-delayed, but it is here now, and by all accounts is a success. In just three days of being open, over one and a half million dollars’ worth of e-books (over £1 million, in Pottermore’s native British value) sold. At the average price of each text, that’s over 164,000 copies. –KE

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classmate pc

Apple Addresses iPad Wi-Fi Error. The new iPad has, for a few users, suffered intermittent Wi-Fi connectivity problems (the Wi-Fi-only model seems at fault). Apple has now acknowledged the occasional flaw in its flagship tablet product, and via a leaked store memo we know it’s telling staff to send suspect units to the lab for testing and possible replacement. –KE

Intel’s StudyBook Is A Tablet For Schools. Intel’s Classmate netbook design has been used successfully used as a template for education-centric netbooks around the world–such as the Magalhães in Portugal–but now Intel has realized there’s a whole new tech market it can address: Tablets. Thus it’s created the StudyBook, a school-centric reference tablet design based on Intel CPUs, dual-booted with perhaps Windows and Android and costing less than $299. –KE

Anonymous Aims At China. Diffuse hacktivist collective Anonymous has targeted hundreds of official Chinese government websites in its latest protest. While some were merely defaced with Anonymous branded imagery and messages–inciting the population to resist government censorship–others were more seriously breached with administrator passwords leaked online. Interestingly it’s a new branch of Anonymous which seems to be based in China itself, dedicated to resisting the government’s control of the population. –KE

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