Google’s AR Project, Yahoo Ditches 2,000 Staff, Google-Paramount Bring Movies To YouTube, Facebook Sues Yahoo Right Back

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Google’s AR Goggles Glimpsed: Project Glass. Google is working on a head-worn augmented reality system–we’ve known this for a while. What we haven’t seen is the hardware itself, and that’s causing speculation and nervousness given the bulk and inelegance of many existing peer units. And now we know. The whole thing is called Project Glass, and the slim unit is actually very elegant indeed–sending extra data to just one eye. –KE


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Yahoo Loses 2,000 Staff. In order to be “smaller, nimbler, more profitable and better equipped to innovate as fast as our customers and our industry require,” as CEO Scott Thompson explained in a letter, Yahoo has just cut 2,000 staff. That’s around 14% of its workforce. Yahoo has said for a while that serious change was coming, and the move isn’t hugely unexpected, but it does paint a worrying picture. As does the word “urgent.” –KE

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Google And Paramount Bring Movies To YouTube. Google is partnering with 100-year-old movie studio Paramount to allow users to rent 500 more films including The Godfather and Transformers on YouTube. That makes six partnerships in total that Google has made with big Hollywood studios. –NS

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“Next Issue” Delivers Magazines To Your iPad. For a monthly subscription of $10 or $15, you can have access to a host of magazines (without the annoying mail-back pullouts) via Next Issue’s new iPad app. That’s an attractive, Netflix-esque offer for iPad owners, but also a sign that the publishing industry is trying a few new approaches to strutting their digital stuff. —NS


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Facebook Sues YahooFacebook is taking a breather from IPO prep to file a suit against Yahoo, in swift response to Yahoo’s 10-patent suit against Facebook. In late March, Facebook bought a stack of 750 patents off IBM. Now it’s suing Yahoo for photo tagging features, online recommendations, advertising… and at least one of those claims is made on a patent Facebook acquired after Yahoo made the first sue move. —NS

LinkedIn Woos Japanese Users. LinkedIn is stepping up its game in Japan and has launched a “How To” guide–video explainers that introduce people to the service, and a technique used before by Facebook and Twitter. This is just a few weeks after Facebook announced it had reached 10 million users in the country where, oddly enough, a main use for the social network is to build and maintain business connections. —NS

Google Maps Updates London Olympics Schedule With Real Time Delays. What will you do with all that free Wi-Fi time you’re going to get while waiting for Olympics-bound public transport in London? Now you can check if your train is delayed. As part of a pre-Olympics rollout, Google Maps has started posting delay information for the London tube, updated in real time. —NS

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