Instagram Launches Android App, Pinterest Cofounder Leaves, Travel Sites Lodge Google Antitrust Complaint

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Instagram Launches For Android. Darling photo app of the iOS world, Instagram, has finally launched for Android (a joyous day no doubt, for the 430,000 Android fans who were on the waiting list). A year and half since its iOS launch, Instagram has swelled to 30 million registered users, with 5 million photos uploaded every day. The new app is suited for devices running Android 2.2 and up. —NS


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Amazon Pilot Tests In-App Payments. Amazon could be setting up to earn more from the Kindle Fire by a new in-app payment system that Bloomberg’s heard the company’s been piloting. It’s a strategy that Google and Apple have both been following for some time now–when users buy items from within an app, it’s a kick in revenue for both the device maker and the app builder. —NS

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EU Sizes Up Motorola In Antitrust Investigation. The EU’s antitrust inspector is launching an investigation into Motorola Mobility and its patent licensing practices, especially those it cited in its injunctions against products like the iPhone, iPad, Xbox, and more. This comes after Apple and Microsoft petitioned the EU saying Motorola was being “anticompetitive” and wasn’t playing fair. —NS

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Google Buys TxVia For Wallet. Google has bought up payments tech startup TxVia. Google says it values the “fast, flexible and highly reliable payments platform” and intends for partnership to “accelerate innovation” on developing the Google Wallet system. In other Wallet news, cofounder and engineer has jumped ship to Square, where, according to his LinkedIn page, he’s snapped up the role of “Hyperspatial Payments Pioneer.”  —NS

Travel Sites Lodge Antitrust Complaints Against Google. Travel sites Expedia and now TripAdviser are filing antitrust complaints in Europe against search giant Google. The companies say Google’s preferential travel search practices put rival travel sites at a disadvantage–something that’s anti-competitive, and, frankly, unsporting. The EU will decide this month if the complaints warrant a case against Google. —NS

Pinterest Cofounder Leaves For Andreessen Horowitz. Following yesterday’s rumors that he was leaving Pinterest, cofounder Paul Sciarra has confirmed in a blog post on Pinterest that he’s moving on to join Andreessen Horowitz as entrepreneur-in-residence. The Pinterest journey had been a singular one, as he reminisced, “I can almost guarantee that this is the only company ever that’s been offered homemade barbeque sauce in exchange for a beta invitation.” —NS

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