Garmin-Suzuki Team Up, Yahoo’s Open App Systems, Samsung Spins Off Display Biz, Kiwi ECard Makers, Mobile Operators’ NFC App

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Garmin Makes Suzuki’s Dashes Entertaining. Facing a dead end in its core in-car GPS business, Garmin is trying something new and has partnered with Suzuki to bring some of its touchscreen magic to in-dashboard computer systems in “select” Suzuki vehicles. As well as navigation, though, the systems are also the entertainment hub and can interface to Android smartphones. Just hopefully not all of the above at the same time as you try to actually drive the things. –KE


Yahoo Open Sources App Framework. Mojito is Yahoo’s own all-device app development framework, and it’s just been made open source. The practical upshot of this is that if you use Yahoo’s JavaScript-based tool you’ll be well on your way to creating apps that can run on the world’s most popular mobile devices. It’s a bold if-you-can’t-beat-’em, circumvent-’em move. –KE

–Updated 2:15 p.m. EST

Samsung Spins Off Display Business. Samsung has spun off its enormous, hi-tech display-making business. Samsung Display will be registered as a separate corporation tomorrow, and based on its employee count of 20,000 is the world’s largest display manufacturer, Samsung claims. As a division of Samsung Electronics, Samsung Display earned the company about $20 billion dollars in annual revenue in 2011. –NS

Kiwi ECard Makers And Mobile Operators Team Up For NFC App. More proof that NFC is taking off outside the U.S.–New Zealand’s largest electronic card operator and a top mobile service provider are banding together to create a mobile payments app. Kiwis will be able to pay for groceries and public transport by holding their phones up to devices installed on stores and trains. They’ll even earn loyalty points for using it. —NS


IBM To Build Computer For Giant Telescope. IBM is taking on a data project of astronomical proportions. It’s partnering with the Netherlands Institute of Radio Astronomy to help reveal the origins of our universe. Through the $43 million “DOME” project, IBM will create a computing system robust enough to process the gigantic flood of radio wave data (used by astronomers to investigate the history of the universe) that’ll come streaming off the Square Kilometer Array telescope when it’s finished. —NS

–Updated 6:00 a.m. EST

[Image: Flickr user NASA Goddard]

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