Yves Béhar and Assaf Wand Do A Sleek Take On Baby Boomer Staples

Yves Béhar and Assaf Wand Do A Sleek Take On Baby Boomer Staples

An easy (and safe) way to halve pills.

Sabi–a Japanese term for beauty that comes with age–is the collaborative brainchild of entrepreneur Assaf Wand and Fuseproject’s Yves Béhar. By shaking the stigma out of the pharmaceutical aisle, the duo is reaching the largest (and most underserved) demographic.

Assaf Wand: “The baby-boomer generation is the biggest population in the U.S., and they’re responsible for 67% of consumption.
But only 5% of marketing budgets are geared toward them. I conducted over 5,500 surveys with this demographic and found that the group
appreciates–and will pay for–design. These are the people who came up with recyclability and organic products. They don’t want to retire and
move to Florida, and they don’t tolerate physical discomfort. But right now, pharmaceutical products don’t fit the notion of how these people
plan to live.”

Clockwise from
top left: a covered cup to store meds and keep water dust-free; a pocket-size pill holster; and a daily organizer.

Photo by Toby Burditt

Yves Béhar: “At Fuseproject, we had been looking for an opportunity in the boomer space, which is always an afterthought with
entrepreneurs. So when Assaf came along, we gelled very quickly. With the current line, Vitality, we defined a form that uses ergonomics to
support the hand, and the bright blue color points to areas of functionality without saying, ‘I have a physical impediment.’ There are a lot of
magical moments–when you shake out medicine or crush a pill–that are results of the functional innovation we developed.”