Amy Lanigan

Amy Lanigan
Amy Lanigan | Fast Talk

Problem: Combining commerce with social media is a foreign concept for many major retailers.

Solution: Fluid is a one-stop-shop digital agency that has helped companies such as Brooks Brothers, Diane von Furstenberg, and the North Face reimagine how they interact with customers online. To help promote Rachel Roy, for example, Fluid launched a first-of-its-kind Facebook pop-up shop.

Amy Lanigan


VP of client strategy / Fluid / San Francisco

“As an industry, we’re always on the brink of the next big thing. Our company helps clients navigate these
shifts–in the best-case scenario, we’re also driving the shifts. Customization is hot in the market right now, and we offer businesses a platform
called Configure, which allows shoppers to design or personalize products. For example, we are building a tool for Brooks Brothers that
lets the user customize shirts and ties. Tools like this offer instant color changes, zoom, multiple views, and more, giving shoppers the ability
to explore and visualize their ideas in an accurate and realistic environment. Custom designs can then be published to Facebook and Twitter, or
shared via email, all in keeping with Fluid’s mission of making shopping a social experience.”

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