Kathy Savitt

Kathy Savitt
Kathy Savitt | Fast Talk

CEO and Founder / Lockerz / Seattle

Problem: Brands can get the attention of younger consumers on Facebook and Twitter, but those are social, not
commerce-driven, platforms.

Solution: Lockerz rewards social expression–for example, uploading personal photos and videos–with points (Ptz) that can be used toward shopping discounts. And if another user reposts one of your photos or videos, you get rewarded as a tastemaker, with more monetizable points.

“Thirteen- to 35-year-olds are already sharing everything they’re passionate about right now online. Lockerz
believes in rewarding them for that social expression, so Lockerz Ptz is not just an imaginary score or a way to make members feel good–it is a
monetized unit that can count toward discounts on more than 150 brands. I did 16 focus groups with college kids across the country and
essentially learned that these kids have an overwhelming desire not only to be rewarded but to have those rewards matter and really be something
they control. We are maniacal about knowing our members, and have a style council and a member advisory board. We believe that by staying
customer focused, the site will gain a zealous following on its own.”

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