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The Only Thing You Need To Know About The Kentucky Derby: Horseowners Are Really, Really Rich

The challenge to build the biggest yacht is a one-dimensional quest for the super-rich: Who has the most money? But business leaders test wits too: Who can make the best investment? At the derby, these investments go head-to-head. But a look at some of the owners of this year's horses makes one thing clear: If financial success brought championships, the race itself would be unnecessary.

Creative Cause

Owner: Heinz Steinmann, owner of Mountain High Resorts in California, an empire valued at $24.2 million.


Owner: Kenny Troutt, founder of Excel Communications. His net worth is $1.2 billion.


Owner: Mike Repole, cofounder of Vitaminwater, which he sold to Coca-Cola in 2007 for $4.1 billion.


Owner: Arnold Zetcher, former Talbots CEO (once called the most overpaid in the U.S.). The retailer is valued at $222 million.

I'll Have Another

Owner: Paul Reddam, founder of, which he sold in 1999 to net $80 million.

Image: Flickr user John Athayde

A version of this article appeared in the May 2012 issue of Fast Company magazine.