From Spotify To Charles And Ray Eames, What Our Recommenders Are Loving This Month

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From Spotify To Charles And Ray Eames, What Our Recommenders Are Loving This Month


Troy Carter
Founder, Atom Factory

Spotify: “The playlist function is amazing. I’ve been listening to a lot of old music–Bob Dylan and Morrissey lately–that I probably would never have purchased.”

Path: “I’ve never been a big Facebook user, but Path combines the simplicity of Twitter and the social element of Facebook in a beautiful user interface.”

Eben Upton
Founder, Raspberry Pi


Hawaii Five-O: “This is a guilty pleasure on Monday nights and home of the most outrageous product placement in TV history.”

Low power displays: “As mobile-device performance becomes thermally limited, display power is about more than just battery life. Pixel Qi, E Ink, and others are chipping away at the problem from multiple directions.”

Gina Neff
Author, Venture Labor

Net Smart: How to Thrive Online: “Howard
Rheingold cuts through the chatter of how and what we should be doing online. I might not always agree with him, but his is an important voice in the debate about how we work and live online.”


Shawn Parr
CEO, Bulldog Drummond “The Fancy may be new, but it’s giving other social community sites a run for their money. With the corkboard of Pinterest and the buying power of Amazon, Fancy lives at the intersection of cool hunting and savvy e-commerce.”

Leica M9 Titanium: “Volkswagen designer Walter de’Silva wanted this camera to replicate a timeless icon. With only 500 on the market, this limited-edition gem won’t be around as long as its vintage counterpart.”


Paul David Walker
CEO, Genius Stone Partners

A New Earth, by Eckhart Tolle: “This is the
most profound philosophy book of our time. Every CEO should read this. It teaches you how to best live in this world.”

Gallup: “Gallup’s extensive research on the relationship between
employee engagement, well-being, and productivity is groundbreaking. Companies with high levels of well-being are off the charts when it comes to productivity.”


Leah Busque
Founder, Taskrabbit

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle: “David
Wroblewski’s novel retells Shakespeare’s Hamlet, setting it in rural Wisconsin, which makes the story much more relatable. Plus, its main character is a large and lovable dog, which reminds me of my yellow Lab, Kobe.”

Victor Hwang
Cofounder and managing director, T2 Venture Capita

Charles and Ray Eames: “I admire how these two pioneered architecture and furniture design, allowing themselves to be guided by the idea that eventually everything connects. This concept can reshape the way we think about entire economic systems.”


The Social Conquest of Earth: “I’m looking forward to E.O. Wilson’s new book, in which he argues that altruism, not selfishness, conquers in the end.”

Mona Bijoor

Sanebox: “This email-management service keeps my inbox from overflowing and lets me stay focused on the messages I care about.”

David Yellen (Carter)