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This week’s stories primarily focused on charisma, creativity, breaking norms in the workplace, and stunning design. You will find some great advice and varying perspectives in the articles below. Enjoy.

Shark Tank

1. 7 Entrepreneurial Lessons From “Shark Tank”
Fast Company

Amber Mac derives some great advice for fledgling entrepreneurs from Shark Tank.

Woman On Bike

2. Cultivating Charisma: How Personal Magnetism Can Help (Or Hurt) You At Work
Fast Company

Olivia Fox Cabane dissects charisma and analyzes its influence on the human psyche. Definitely a must-read.

Asleep At Desk

3. Desks, Where Creativity Goes To Die
Fast Company

Emily Heyword offers some helpful advice on how to break your routine to increase creativity and innovation.


4. The No-Hour Workweek: Reinventing Employee Expectations For The Modern Economy


Jon Stein calls for change in how the modern workweek is constructed. Read on to find out how a good company should treat you.

Tooth Tattoo

5. Tooth Tattoos Will Tell When You’re Ill

Nidhi Subbaraman reports on tooth tattoos that could change the way we detect and prevent sickness.

Packaged Meat

6. Infographic: Red Meat Is Killing Us

Just as the world learns about “pink slime,” this infographic makes you think again about going for that double burger.

Cafeteria Eater

7. 6 Ways Google Hacks Its Cafeterias So Googlers Eat Healthier

Cliff Kuang highlights some clever tricks Google has used to trick employees into eating better.

New Typeface

8. A Brain-Breaking Typeface Where Every Letter Is An Optical Illusion

Belinda Lanks finds a mind-bending and dizzying typeface. Proceed with caution.

NASA Ocean

9. Better Than A Van Gogh: NASA Visualizes All The World’s Ocean Currents

Check out NASA’s enthralling visualization of the ocean’s surface current flow.

Red Thing

10. Warm Showers, Friction, And Failure: Jonah Lehrer On The Keys To Creativity

Teressa Iezzi talks to Jonah Lehrer on how to increase your creativity.

Jane McGonigal

Video Of The Week:
How To SuperBetter Your Life With Epic Wins The Way Jane McGonigal Does

Fast Company

Amber Mac talks to Jane McGonigal on the benefits of games (they really exist).

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