Google’s Online Tablet Store, RIM’s Cofounder Leaves As Company Misses Financial Results, Living Social Founder Exits

Google’s Drive Leaks Continue. It now looks that when Google’s cloud storage app Google drive arrives it’ll come with a capacity bigger than an earlier rumored 2GB storage capacity, instead offering 5GB for your documents. It also seems like Android Drive apps will be able to edit documents, which is fueling rumors it’s much more than a simple drive service and instead is a rival to offerings from Apple and Microsoft. –KE

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Google’s Own iPad. Google is trying to do to the iPad what it tried to do to the iPhone with its failed Nexus One smartphone effort–sell an own-branded device through its own online store. The Wall Street Journal has it on good authority that it’ll sell tablets (some technically co-branded with makers like Samsung and Asus) “later this year,” and its own-branded effort will happen after its acquisition of Motorola Mobility goes through. –KE

Big Changes As RIM Fails. RIM revealed its latest financial results, and while they were perhaps surprisingly positive, earning $1.27 per share, the firm’s outlook for the next quarter is dire compared to both its own earlier expectations and that of the Street. So dire that cofounder Jim Balsillie will finally step down as director and leave, and both its CTO and COO will also exit the company. –KE

Living Social Founder Goes. Eddie Frederick, who was both President and cofounder of Living Social, has left the daily deals company he helped build. Frederick was the originator of “Visual Bookshelf,” which ultimately led to the Groupon competitor Living Social. He’s leaving to pursue “new challenges and adventures” according to the company’s email on the matter. –KE

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