Bloomberg On Mayors Vs. Foursquare Mayors

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg loves media opportunities. At the 2012 Shorty Awards for Twitter and social media, Mayor Bloomberg stopped by… to accept the Foursquare Mayor of the Year Award from company cofounder Dennis Crowley. The cameo is part of a concerted effort to woo New York’s tech sector that also included a collaboration with SXSW and a public embrace of Codecademy.

The Shorty Awards were cohosted by The Daily Show power couple Samantha Bee and Jason Jones. Other guests included White Collar‘s Tiffani Thiessen, Improv Everywhere’s Charlie Todd, and Tumblr’s David Karp. All in all, the awards ceremony was a neat summation of New York’s social media and startup community circa 2012: After the pro-Occupy Wall Street We Are The 99% won the Microblog of the Year on Tumblr (complete with one of the site’s organizers waving a “Class War” sign) award, the category was followed up by the award for… Best Brand Presence.

Shorty Awards cofounder Greg Galant tells Fast Company, “We reached out to Mayor Bloomberg because he was a finalist for the Foursquare Mayor of the Year Shorty Award. Our goal with the Shorty Awards ceremony is to produce the most entertaining live show about social media, so when the mayor showed interest in attending we pitched him on doing a comparison between a Foursquare mayorship and a City of New York mayorship. He loved the idea, and the rest was social media history.“

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