Google Drive Arriving Next Week?, U.S. Government And Companies Are Vulnerable To Hacks, Obama Joins Pinterest

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Time Spent On Facebook Up 14% Since Last Year. You didn’t think Facebook was going to get any less addictive, did you? In an amendment to their S-1 filing, Facebook has noted that each viewer is spending (on average) 14% more time on Facebook this January than January last year. —NS


Twitter Working On Unfollow Bug Swatter
. Twitter has acknowledged the existence of a curious bug that’s been plaguing users the past few days, mysteriously prompting them to re-follow users they follow already. Twitter has told TechCrunch they’ve spotted the unusual unfollow bug, and “are working to fix it.”

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Google Drive May Arrive In April. The rumors are making the rounds again–Google‘s cloud storage service Google Drive may be ripe to spring in early April, GigaOM has heard. When it finally shows up, GDrive will challenge services like Apple‘s iCloud and of course Dropbox. And it’ll be yet another indication that Google’s shifting its innovation focus slightly beyond just search. —NS

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U.S. Companies And Government Are Vulnerable To Hacks. The FBI’s exiting cyber security chief Shawn Henry has warned that companies in the U.S. have insufficient protection against hackers and other cyber threats, leaving them dangerously vulnerable to financial and legal risks, the Wall Street Journal reports. Speaking in a similar key, Richard Clark, ex-cyber security adviser of the White House explains to Smithsonian Magazine that the U.S. as a nation is vulnerable to hack attacks too–while the government is aggressive about its cyber offense, that strategy isn’t backed by a hardy defense. —NS


Apple To Offer Australian iPad Buyers A Refund For 4G Flub. Apple has agreed to offer Australian buyers of its new iPad a refund via an email message. This comes after an Australian regulator confronted the company about promoting its 4G compatibility in the country when the iPads cannot in fact connect–the one 4G network in the country is set at a frequency out of the iPad’s range. —NS

President Obama Joins Pinterest. Team Obama is keeping well in step with the latest social networking trends. Following Barack Obama’s Google Hangouts session with citizens, and after the YouTube launch of a 17-minute documentary about Obama’s run in office, the campaign staff has set up a presidential pinboard on Pinterest. The pins link to information about Obama’s policies but also feature snippets of the first family’s life, like this recipe for the Obama family’s favorite chili recipe. –-NS

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