How To SuperBetter Your Life With Epic Wins The Way Jane McGonigal Does

Jane McGonigal has been creating games ever since she discovered the level editor in Lode Runner for the Commodore 64 back in 1983. Although many people give up on such entertaining pastimes as they enter their adult years, McGonigal has turned her childhood passion into a playful career. She is the Chief Creative Office of SuperBetter Labs, an online social game that helps people achieve their health goals. 

“What’s really amazing about games is how they change our emotional response to challenges.”

In this episode of Work Flow, McGonigal, talks about the misconception that games are a waste of time — there is ample scientific evidence showing that games help us stay resilient in the face of real challenges. McGonigal deploys “gamification” in her own life through “Epic Wins” and 3-to-1 balance (having three positive emotions are experiences for every one negative each day). She also talks about her love of Nike+ for running, and explains the allure of The Email Game, a fun way to conquer your email inbox.

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