Twitter Rolling Out Self-Serve Ads, Angry Birds Space Sees 10 Million Downloads, Square Spruces Up Card Case

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Twitter Rolling Out Self-Serve Ads. Twitter’s self-serve product, which started last month, is now rolling out to a larger group of small businesses. The service allows small and medium-sized businesses to purchase Promoted Tweets and Promoted Trends, which had previously only been available to premium advertisers. Twitter says it will “steadily increase” the number of advertisers allowed access to the product “in the coming weeks.” –EBB


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Angry Birds Space Sees 10 Million Downloads. Rovio’s newest release, Angry Birds Space, has shot to 10 million downloads in the first three days since its launch. Rovio announced the new version of the game in a deliciously geeky video featuring a real astronaut on the ISS, with physics lesson built in. —NS

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Square’s “Card Case” Is Now “Pay With Square.Square has finally launched an Android app and updated the electronic credit card application on its app-based payment system. The new look includes a new interface, a geo-location service to list stores that accept Square’s payment system, and a feature to add local haunts to a “Favorites” list. Square’s overhaul comes just over a week after PayPal launched their “PayPal Here” collection of software and hardware that’ll accept and collect payments over the web, via your phone and credit card. —NS

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Streaming To Top DVD Rentals This Year. Streaming video in the U.S. is about to overtake the DVD and Blu-ray business, according to a forecast from researchers at IHS Screen Digest. Streaming views are set to hit 3.4 billion views this year, while DVD and Blu-ray views drop from 2.6 billion (last year) to 2.4 million this year. This trend reaches beyond the U.S. too–last week, U.K.-based Lovefilm saw streaming numbers from its online subscribers overtake DVD rentals for the first time. —NS

Tweet Raises Questions About Design At Jobs-less Apple. An ex-Apple man’s tweet about the new Apple TV set-top box interface drew some attention when it looked like he was criticizing the design, saying it was rejected by Steve Jobs years earlier. He later clarified his statement, saying Jobs rejected the app-friendly design at a time before the iPhone or iPad, and given the pre-app climate of the time, his decision would have made sense. —NS

Gil Elbaz And The Data World At Factual. Gilad Elbaz’s LA company Factual is making a business of gathering data, cleaning it, and selling it to small and big businesses, backed by firms like Andreessen Horowitz. Its clients include everyone from Facebook to AT&T to Newsweek, and under Elbaz’s guidance, the company is growing its terabytes worth of data, and snapping up fresh talent. At a time when data scientists are a valuable bunch, Factual is certainly a company to watch. —NS

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