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This week’s stories had an unquestionably nostalgic theme. Read on to catch up on everything from business-building strategies to lightsabers capable of doing actual damage. Our April cover story about Facebook tops the list of clickables with support from an exclusive scoop on the partnership between Hipstamatic and Instagram, plus stories on the new wave of social responsibility in business. Finally, lest the pop culture you love go unrecognized, find pieces below on Lego and Mad Men.  


1. “Boy CEO” Mark Zuckerberg’s Two Smartest Projects Were Growing Facebook And Growing Up
Fast Company

Ellen McGirt tracks Mark Zuckerberg’s rapid ascent from boy genius to mogul.

App Maker

2. Make An iPhone, Android App Without Knowing A Line Of Code
Fast Company

Kit Eaton dishes on how TheAppBuilder can disrupt the app marketplace by enabling any user to make their own app.


3. Blue “Lightsaber” Laser Can Blind, Burn Flesh, and Costs Only $200
Fast Company

It turns out that lightsabers are real. Boys (and men) everywhere rejoice.

Thumb Histagram

4. Exclusive: Hipstamatic, Instagram To Unveil Photo-Sharing Partnership
Fast Company

Austin Carr writes about how Instagram is going social. iPhone batteries will last half as long.


5. Why Tesla Motors Is Betting On The Model S
Fast Company

Tesla Motors is making the first electric car that you will want to drive. Check out this fascinating story on their history and bold business plan.

Brick Toy

6. Better Than Lego: A Free Kit That Makes All Brick Toys Compatible.

One brick to rule them all! Mark Wilson writes about the new universal construction tool that will allow you to use all your building toys together.


7. Our Favorite Cartoon Characters In Adorable, Minimalist Lego.

Continuing with his building block theme (which apparently you all loved), Mark Wilson discusses how brilliant Lego advertising evokes an emotional connection.

Mad Men

8. Forget “Mad Men”–Now Is The Golden Era For Advertising
Fast Company

Matt Nelson enumerates on why our segmented market and scattered distribution platforms are actually better for today’s advertisers.


9. 6 Companies That Are Growing Rapidly While Doing Good

Ariel Schwartz compiles a list of the best companies that are making a real difference. It turns out that being responsible and progressive really can work.

FB Thumb

10. Take A Tour Of Facebook’s Million-Square-Foot Campus

E.B. Boyd takes you on a tour of Facebook’s goliath campus. This place deserves a thumbs-up.

The most liked photo of the week was the April Issue’s cover. Check it out for a rather prophetic-looking Mark Zuckerberg.

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