Apple Stock Flash-Crashes, Facebook Buys 750 Patents From IBM, Google Users Sue Over Privacy, US Airways Will Expand Gogo Wi-Fi

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Facebook Says Employers Shouldn’t Request Passwords. Some fuss this week arose when it was suggested more and more companies are requiring access to potential employees’ Facebook accounts as part of the interview process. Facebook has spoken up, and after pointing out that sharing your password is actually a violation of its terms of service, it notes that employers are opening themselves up for lawsuits by invading user privacy in this way, particularly if they then make a discriminatory decision. –KE


Apple’s Stock Flash-Crashes. Trading in Apple’s shares was suspended briefly today due to a flash-crash of around 9% that’s being blamed on electronic trading network BATS (which is ironically IPOing today). Apple’s share price has been climbing almost continuously for months, resulting in its status as the biggest company in the world, by market capitalization.–KE

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Facebook Buys 750 Patents From IBM. Facebook bought 750 patents from IBM, beefing up its intellectual property porfolio and bolstering its legal defenses with this new haul. The deal has yet to be made public, but a source has confirmed the deal with the Wall Street Journal. The deal would give Facebook added legal muscle in an upcoming multi-patent fistfight with Yahoo. —NS

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Don’t know who Juan Gris is? Google thinks it’s about time you did–their homepage celebrates the Spanish painter’s 125th anniversary with a Doodle featuring the musical instruments oft seen in his surrealist work.

Microsoft Partners With Movideo For Media And The Asian Cloud. Movideo, a video hosting and streaming platform, has signed on to become a part of Windows Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform. The alliance will help extend Microsoft’s reach on Movideo’s home turf in the Asia-Pacific region. —NS


US Airways Will Expand Gogo Wi-Fi In Domestic Fleet. US Airways is bringing in-flight Wi-fi to 90% of its domestic fleet in partnership with airborne Internet provider Gogo. Passengers will also have access to Gogo Vision, Gogo’s streaming video service. The expansion of the network will begin this summer, scheduled to be completed by the end of 2013. —NS

Google Users Sue Over Privacy Changes In CA And NY. Google users in New York and California have banded together to file a class action suit against Google for forcing users to comply with their privacy policies. The New York suit claims the move “violates” Google’s previous privacy policy, “which deceived and misled consumers by stating that Google would not utilize information provided a consumer in connection with his or her use of one service, with any service, for any reason without the consumers consent,” the petition argues. The petition goes on to call out the privacy change out as a callow, shallow move to one-up Facebook, the one company that trumps Google on web advertising. Read the full document at the Los Angeles Times. —NS

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