Walmart To Host Angry Birds Clue Hunt, Aziz Ansari Launches Online Comedy Show, Google Puts $5 In Your Google Wallet

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Zynga Buys OMGPOP. OMGPOP, the young firm behind runaway gaming success Draw Something, has just been bought for what’s said to be in the region of $200 million. The game has been downloaded some 30 million times and is in active use by people in 84 countries. –KE


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China Outpaces Smartphone Adoption. For the first time China’s activation rate for iOS and Android devices has surpassed the U.S.’s. The switch exhibited itself in Flurry Analytics’ February figures, and will likely be extended this month. Simultaneously China also became the fastest-growing nation in app usage. China, with such a vast population undergoing a dramatic technology change, is a key market for Apple and its peers. –KE

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Google Takes Spell-Check To New Evolutionary Levels. Google’s evidently pushing semantic tech at the moment, since as well as trying to include context-aware searches in its results, it’s also making spell checking in its online document-building apps semantic. That means the checker is context-aware, so typing “icland is an icland” will result in a correction to “Iceland is an island” because it’s worked out what you mean. The spell-check data is also going to evolve continuously as Google’s bots trawl the web. –KE

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Walmart To Host Angry Birds Clue Hunt. Angry Birds Space is all set to launch this Thursday. To make the kickoff extra special, Rovio and Wally World are hosting a treasure hunt of sorts–clues to unlock bonus game levels will be tucked into T-shirts, snacks, and plush toys sold at Walmart stores. Virtual visitors will also find clues on the Walmart Facebook page.  —NS


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Apple Posts Monthly Supply Chain Updates. Apple is keeping a watch on worker conditions in their supply chain and posting monthly updates on their Supplier Responsibility page. There’s been improvement, they report–the fraction of employees who followed overtime guidelines and kept to a 60-hour workweek (from a surveyed group of 500,000) grew from 84% in January to 89% in February. —NS

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Airbnb Buys U.K. Room Renter Crashpadder. Airbnb has bought its U.K. competitor Crashpadder–good timing, with just a few months to go for the London Olympics. Three-year old Crashpadder has 7,000 hosts in 100 countries. Crashpadder accounts and details are being transferred to Airbnb, Crashpadder’s cofounders explained in a blog posting on their website. —NS


Aziz Ansari Launches Online Comedy Show. Following comedian Louis C.K.’s lead, standup star Aziz Ansari has independently launched his new comedy special for the web only. Ansari, like C.K., skipped over partnerships with big broadcasters to favor a cheaper, more direct path to his audience. Ansari’s “Dangerously Delicious” went online yesterday, watchable for $5. —NS

Google Puts $5 In Your Google Wallet. Google has reactivated the pre-paid card feature on Google Wallet, and is giving back customers $5 for their patience while it was gone. Google took down the service a little over a month ago when security blog Zvelo discovered the PIN security feature on the NFC payment system could be hacked. —NS

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