Twitter Expands Ads, Apple Sells 3 Million iPads, Amazon Buys Bot Maker Kiva Systems, Nokia Launches Asha Smartphone In India

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Twitter Expands Its Ad Systems Significantly. Twitter has just announced it’s expanding its promoted tweets and promoted accounts systems on mobile devices, and will now start serving up adverts to users from brands that they don’t already follow on Twitter. That sounds incremental, but what it means is that Twitter on iOS and Android is now an ad channel much like TV or the web is. The company’s also enabling more targeted ad options for its partners, including specific device types–possibly for demographics matching. –KE


Apple Says Hot iPads Not A Problem. Some users are complaining that use of their new iPads is resulting in overheating, perhaps beyond being comfortable to hold–and infrared data suggests the devices do run slightly hotter. Apple’s now officially responded saying it’s not a problem, and they operate “within thermal specifications.” With all the extra tech inside it would be a surprise if 2012’s iPad ran cooler–at least under normal use. Apple says people with complaints should contact AppleCare.

–Updated 2 p.m. EDT

50,000 I-slates Will Educate Kids In Rural India. The I-slate, a low-power, solar-driven educational device, has just come off some successful field tests in India’s southern state of Andhra Pradesh. Following a successful trial run in which 30 tablets were tested, a district has decided to obtain 50,000 devices created at Rice University and NTU in Singapore, which if ordered in bulk could cost around $45 each. —NS

–Updated 8:45 a.m. EST

Nokia Launches Asha 303 In India. Nokia has opened pre-orders for the first of its Asha line of smartphones, which, the company announced at Nokia World last year, it had designed for the Indian market. Asha 303, a QWERTY smartphone, costs Rs. 8899 (about $178) and runs Nokia’s Symbian Series 40. —NS


Google is celebrating the arrival of spring, marking the equinox with this Google Doodle.

Samsung Opens Online Store For India. Samsung has debuted an online storefront directed at Indian customers. Once it gets rolling (several items are marked “Not in stock”) customers can place orders for tablets, smartphones, notebooks, netbooks, and accessories and pay for their shopping online or with cash on delivery. —NS


Apple’s Already Sold 3 Million iPads. Online and off, Apple’s new iPads are flying off the shelves. After Tim Cook mentioned Apple’s “record weekend” for iPad sales, Apple has admitted it sold 3 million iPads in 10 countries since its March 16 launch. AT&T said it had “set a new single day record for iPad sales and activations” on March 16, and Verizon added that their sales had been “brisk.” For comparion, Apple sold 1 million iPad 2s in the first weekend after launch. For the first iPad, it took 28 days to get to the 1 million mark. According to one report, 200,000 “grey market” iPads have been smuggled into China via Hong Kong. —NS

Amazon Buys Bot Maker Kiva Systems. It looks like Amazon’s warehouses are going to be managed by legions of Wall-E-esque (but somewhat less cute) mustard-colored robotic movers. Amazon has announced that it has bought Massachusetts-based Kiva Systems, maker of the mover bots, for $775 million. —NS

–Updated 5:45 a.m. EST

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