Tim Cook To Talk Apple Cash, Foxconn Responds To Mike Daisey Retraction, Esther Dyson On Where All The Cool Companies Are

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AT&T’s Record iPad Weekend. Apple’s simply said a “record” weekend for iPad has just happened, and AT&T’s now corroborated this position, noting the weekend included a single-day record for iPad sales and activations for devices on its network. Apple was similarly cautious about its iPad launch weekend, but we’re guessing figures over one million units would seem possible. –KE


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New iPad Is Apple’s Costliest Yet. A teardown of the new iPad has revealed that Apple likely spent more on this new device than it spent building the second-gen iPad 2. Considering Apple hasn’t upped the price of the (basic version of) the new device, it’s giving up a slice of profit margin to pack more, more advanced tech into the same space, a luxury likely afforded by its jumbo cash pile. —NS

FAA To Reconsider Tablet/E-reader Policy. The Federal Aviation Administration is reconsidering its blanket ban on the use of tablets during take-off, taxi, and landing. This makes sense–if pilots are now toting iPads, why are passengers still told to stow their devices away? Airlines have avoided tackling the lengthy and expensive process to certify the passenger use of tablets and e-readers at all times. So, probably taking note of the populartity of the devices, the FAA is looking to amend its own rules. —NS

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Tim Cook To Talk About Apple’s Spare Change. Tim Cook is holding a conference call this morning at 9 a.m. EST to talk about the plans for Apple’s enormous stack of cash amounting to roughly $98 billion. The call will be available via live stream. Check back at Fast Company for updates. —NS


Foxconn Responds To Mike Daisey Retraction. The retracted This American Life episode that contained “fabricated” details about working conditions at Foxconn factories has hurt its reputation, Foxconn has said. “Our corporate image has been totally ruined,” a Foxconn spokesperson told Reuters, still, he added, the company will not take legal action. TAL ran an adaptation of Daisey’s play “The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs” in January. TAL issued a retraction late last week after sections of Daisey’s account of Foxconn factory visits were found to be untrue. —NS

Esther Dyson On Where All The Cool Companies Are. Esther Dyson, grande dame of Silicon Valley, believes that investors need to start thinking and watching for startups outside the well-watched, well-known loop, she told PE HUB–that’s where the real innovation is taking place. “There’s this presumption that you need to be part of that circuit, and I think that crowd is very self-referential and missing the truly interesting companies,” Dyson said. —NS

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