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Bracket This: March Madness To Save The World

Whether or not you filled out your NCAA basketball tournament brackets, you have a chance to fill out an even more important bracket for another competition of talented college students. This bracket features 16 student Commitments to Action that will be presented at the fifth annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U), which will be held at George Washington University in Washington D.C., March 30-April 1. President Bill Clinton and Jon Stewart will announce the winner on March 31.

"More than 3,000 commitments have been made since the first CGI U in 2008, and I look forward to learning about the new solutions students will bring this year," said President Clinton.

More than 1,000 students from around the world representing more than 250 universities will attend CGI U to discuss global challenges, create action plans, build relationships, and participate in workshops. To date, CGI U has convened more than 3,500 students from 641 schools in 110 countries and all 50 states.

Commitments to Action fall under the categories of Education, Environment & Climate Change, Peace & Human Rights, Poverty Alleviation, and Public Health. In order to qualify, a commitment must be new, specific, measurable, and innovative.

The 16 Commitments to Action in the bracket are as follows:

  • Panda cycles made from bamboo: George Washington
  • Promoting electric street parking signs in New York City: Columbia University
  • OpenCurriculum, K-12, using crowdsourcing: Carnegie Mellon
  • Elec-chess-ity for life skills learning, elementary-middle school: University of Chicago
  • MillionDollarScholar to increase academic success: Morehouse College
  • Night Night Monster for children with night terrors: New York University
  • Red to Green for financial literacy education: University of Baltimore
  • Village Zero Project combating cholera through mobile technology: Tufts University
  • Will Work for Food fighting child malnutrition: University of Michigan
  • Safe Water for 100 Homes on Lingira: University of Wisconsin
  • Practice Makes Perfect mentorship for fourth graders in New York City: Cornell University
  • Energy for Opportunity for solar power in Malawi: Harvard University
  • Sustainable Living Guide: Florida State University
  • Distribution of portable, one-step diagnostic kits, HIV/AIDS patients, Malawi: Duke
  • National Youth Association Youth Fund microfinance fund: Princeton University
  • Prototype, mentorship program for young women in Little Rock, Ark.: Smith College

"While a great deal of attention will be paid to the accomplishments of student athletes this month, CGI U would also like to highlight the accomplishments and ideas of young social innovators from campuses around the country," Bill Wetzel, director of CGI U, said in an interview.  

Make your bracket choices here now!

[Image: Courtesy Clinton Global Initiative]