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This week’s top 10 features some valuable advice on how to choose a job, and how to leave it later. Fast Company readers also went crazy for beautiful pictures, slide shows, and design this week. This is without a doubt our most visually stunning top 10 yet. Enjoy.


1. 8 Reasons To Choose A Startup Over A Corporate Job
Fast Company

Kerrin Sheldon outlines why choosing a startup might be better for your career and personal development.


2. Netflix Deal Reveals Apple’s Secret Sauce: iTunes Pay Channel
Fast Company

Kit Eaton digs deeper into the Netflix and iTunes partnership to unearth Apple’s payment revolution plans.


3. 9 Of The World’s Most Inspiring Infographics

Suzanne LaBarre has compiled a veritable feast for the eyes. Enjoy.

Khan iPad

4. Khan Academy Enters Next Era With iPad App
Fast Company

Khan Academy enters the iPad world with a powerful new app. Check it out to see how Khan is innovating online education.

Don Draper

5. Quitting Is The New Mission Statement
Fast Company

Nidhi Subbaraman presents the most intriguing quitters, both real and imagined.

Mersey Beatles

6. How To Quit Your Job Gracefully (If You’re Not Greg Smith).

Amber Mac outlines how not to leave your job. Keep it classy, New York.

PowerPoint Glass

7. With New Tool, Wants To Replace PowerPoint With Infographics.

With the rise in infographic popularity, aims to make beautiful data representations accessible to all.

High Line

8. A First Look At The High Line’s Incredible Final Phase

Suzanne LaBarre gives us a glimpse into some of the fantastic design and landscape features of the final High Line phase.


9. Why Ditching The Office Could Help You Be More Creative

Ariel Schwartz makes the case for breaking out of your cubicle. Your boss might even thank you.


10. Star Wars Portraits Ask, “What Forces Shape You?”

Check out some of the coolest and most outrageous Star Wars art around. No Jar Jar Binks. I promise.

danah boyd

Video Of The Week:
Why Email Sabbaticals Are An Essential Part Of danah boyd’s Work Flow.

Fast Company

Amber Mac’s interview with danah boyd was the most-watched video this week. Check it out for some email strategy/psychology.

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