Zynga Plans $400 Million Offering, Google To Revamp Search, Dutch Court Rejects Samsung’s iPhone Ban Plan

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YouTube Obama Documentary Lets You View, Share, And Donate. Team Obama is taking on social media with grand finesse. An upcoming 17-minute documentary from the Obama campaign called “The Road We’ve Traveled” will premiere on YouTube tonight, directed by Oscar-winning director Davis Guggenheim and narrated by Tom Hanks. The hybrid platform will let viewers watch, volunteer, and donate, all via YouTube. Mitt Romney has a similar system for his web videos as well. —NS


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Wave-Powered Bots Beat Long-Distance Swimming Record. Liquid Robotics’ fuel-less ocean gliders have tackled and beat the long-distance world record for unmanned ocean-faring devices. The wave-powered bots are swimming through the Pacific gathering ocean data. They’ve traveled 5,926 km, beating the previous Guinness World record of 4630 km. —NS

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Anonymous Releases Anonymous OS. Anonymous has taken time off from their hacking exploits to build and release a new operating system. The Ubuntu-based system is creatively titled “Anonymous OS,” and its intended use is to check the security of websites “for security purposes.” As of 16 hours ago, Anonymous has seen 4,600 downloads of the OS. —NS

UPDATE: There seems to be disagreement within the motley crew that is Anonymous, about whether the OS is safe to use. Three Anon accounts have tweeted a warning about Trojans hidden in the OS, which the maker of the OS insists is not the case. This could be Anonymous not talking to itself, or could mean that the OS itself is fake. 

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Hands-On With The New iPad. The first reviews of the new iPad are making an appearance, and by and large, reviewers seem blown away by the super high-res “retina” display, well pleased with the upgraded processor and cameras, and unimpressed with the semi-functional voice recognition feature (not Siri). Flush with features, the new iPhoto app is pretty snazzy too. A close-up look revealed one odd lapse–video via FaceTime is not supported on LTE. —NS

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Zynga Plans $400 Million Offering. A wary Zynga is looking to file a second stock offering worth $400 million. This follows its $1 billion IPO in December last year. This offering is intended to stabilize the share price of the company if employees sell their shares, which they’ll be allowed to do when the six-month “lockup” period ends on May 28, lending weight to whispers that the social media “bubble” may be over. —NS

UPDATE: In Zynga’s filing for a second $400 million offering, SiliconBeat has spotted an intriguing nugget. Zynga spent over $1 million to beef up security in response to “specific threats” that the cofounder Mark Pincus and his family had received. The costs covered temporary housing and installation of a new security system.


Google To Revamp Search. Google is close to rolling out some major changes in the way it displays search results. A revamp has been in the works for a while now, and include some new semantic stunts, by which Google will attempt to understand the meanings of words before displaying search results. This follows on from other big changes including instant search, and most recently, social search. —NS

Dutch Court Rejects Samsung’s iPhone Ban Plan. Apple will go on selling iPhones and iPads in the Netherlands, after a court rejected Samsung’s appeal to ban the sale of the devices over 3G features. However, Samsung has been given the green light to seek damages over devices that use Intel chips. —NS

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