If You Want To Sell More Product, Start By Giving It Away

Free samples have been a smart marketing gimmick since the beginning of time.

Why do so many people still fight it? Charlie (aka Wonder Husband) and I give away hundreds of copies of our books every year. It is a great way to get the book into the hands of readers who then tell friends about the books. Friends become buyers. Buyers become fans. Fans tell their friends.

At KLOL, Houston’s rock radio powerhouse for years, we never went anywhere without t-shirts, koozies, condom key chains (scandalous in the 80s), bumper stickers–all items that cost the radio station money but got our logo and dial position in front of millions of potential fans over the years. Fans equaled ratings equaled revenue.

Guy Kawasaki, one of my favorite people and authors, has just written a new e-book on how to use Google+, a must for anyone who needs to communicate with fans and followers. He has really cleared things up. Best of all? There is a free PDF download on his site for a few more days, and then the e-book will be only $2.99. This is brilliant book marketing. Get the free copies into the hands of readers and watch the word spread.

Think you have the best book, product, or new widget out there today? Then give it away for free. If it is good and you have enough fans talking about it, they will tell others, who will flock to buy it. That, my friend, is advertising at its most effective.

Dayna Steele is the author of 101 Ways to Rock Your World: Everyday Activities for Success Every Day coming this spring. Follow her on Twitter or Facebook to get the free download of her book when available. Yes, she is so stealing Kawasaki’s idea.