Yahoo Sues Facebook, Twitter Acquires Posterous, Dugan Leaves DARPA For Google

Breaking news from your editors at Fast Company, with updates all day. To Track Music With Musicmetric. Music artists now have a new free tool to track how their audiences are responding to their content on the web. Discovery site has partnered with Musicmetric to create a platform that will track tweets, shares, and listens across platforms and tap tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Insights to let emerging artists see how fans respond to stuff. —NS


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Kony 2012 Judged As “Most Viral” Video. Breaking 100 million page views in just six days, Kony 2012 is estimated to be the most viral video in history, making Lady Gaga’s 18-day Bad Romance climb to 100 million look like a slow plod. Visual Measures, the social video analytics firm who did the count, also compared Invisible Children’s total hits on a list (led by “Laughing Baby”) with the most popular videos ever made, with Kony 2012 finishing up at 15th place. Now to see if Invisible Children’s next video currently underway in response to recent criticism will fare any better. —NS

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U.K. Sees iPads As Indicative Of National Spending. Putting the iPad to novel use, the U.K. government has said it will use the device as an indicator of inflation and spending trends in the country. Sales of iPads and similar tablets “represent a significant and growing market,” the Office of National Statistics explained in a release, enough to now warrant a count (along with teenage fiction like Twilight, pineapples, stout, and hot oatmeal). —NS

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Yahoo Sues Facebook. Yahoo is suing partner Facebook over a laundry list of patents, laying (some say questionable) claim to features that include sending an instant message and creating a customized homepage. Facebook has said it will “defend ourselves vigorously against these puzzling actions.” —NS


Phone Hacking Investigations Call For Rebekah Brooks’ Arrest. Rebekah Brooks, ex-chief of News International, her husband, and four others have been arrested in connection with the U.K. phone hacking investigations. This is Brooks’ second arrest in connection with the issue. —NS

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Twitter Buys Posterous. Twitter has bought blogging platform Posterous. The team will join the Twitter band, and though Twitter has not announced a decision to close down the site, it will soon be posting instructions for users to transfer their content or back it up. —NS

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Facebook Adds Vevo, The Onion To Timeline Apps. Facebook has picked up a few choice partner apps to Timeline, adding to the thousands of apps that already live there. Music service Vevo, The Onion, location startup Foursquare, and movie database Fandango are among the mix. —NS


PayPal May Launch A (Triangular) Square Competitor. PayPal may be working on a triangle-shaped appendage that would equip smartphones to record credit card swipes, GigaOm has heard. This would challenging Square’s boxier dongle currently making the rounds, as well as similar mobile payment services. —NS

Regina Dugan Leaves DARPA For Google. DARPA’s leading lady Regina Dugan is leaving the organization for Google, the agency confirmed to Wired. Dugan has been a champion for ultra-fast innovation at DARPA, breaking the organization’s traditionally secretive stance and crowdsourcing projects to speed things up. —NS

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