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This week’s top 10 features some valuable career and motivational advice for people both writing and receiving checks, a lesson on how to dine on the corporate dollar, and the viral video that’s stirring the international audience into action. Catch up on the most popular stories below. 

bear hug

1. Low-Cost Ways To Show Employees They’re Highly Valued
Fast Company

Roberta Matuson explores how saying thanks doesn’t have to break entrepreneurs’ banks. 


2. Invisible Children’s Kony 2012 Video About Uganda Conflict: The Making Of A Viral Masterpiece
Fast Company

The campaign to make the world aware of a Ugandan tyrant went viral with a moving 30-minute film, and a fierce debate ensued about the legitimacy of the organization behind it.

Woman Glass Ceiling

3. What Glass Ceiling? Killer Career Advice From Women Who Lead By Example 
Fast Company

Lydia Dishman looks to Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg and compiles some invaluable career advice for women who want to make a difference in the workplace. 

Take Out Food

4. How Wall Street Bankers Use Seamless To Feast On Free Lobster, Steak, And Beer 

Austin Carr exposes how Wall Street’s finest are dining for free.


5. Using Great Storytelling To Grow Your Business 

The future of your business is buried deep in your creative mind. Here’s how to root it out. 


6. Pinterest’s Founding Designer Shares His Dead-Simple Design Philosophy 

Sahil Lavingia might have you looking at design in a more practical light.

Old PC

7. Why The PC Will Die Soon 
Fast Company

Kit Eaton predicts the doom and destruction of your beloved PC.


8. 7 Steps To Getting Paid More And Promoted Faster 
Fast Company

Brian Tracy cracks the code on a path up the corporate hierarchy.

Joseph Kony

9. Invisible Children Responds To The Kony 2012 Viral Video Controversy

As everyone speculates about the motivation of the charity behind the Kony 2012 video, Invisible Children explains to Co.Exist how they’re fighting the good fight.

Pitch Process

10. 10 Ways To Fix The Agency Pitch Process 

Rae Ann Fera examines how agencies can improve their ERAs.

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