Why Email Sabbaticals Are An Essential Part Of danah boyd’s Work Flow

As a Senior Researcher for Microsoft, danah boyd, (yes, all lowercase, she had her name legally changed), studies how we
work, live, and play on the Internet. While the well-known researcher truly loves social media and the online universe, she also understands that sometimes we all need to turn off and tune out. In our Skype chat I ask danah
about her slightly controversial email sabbaticals, which include bouncing emails and other sneaky tactics. Oh, but there is one
person who always knows where to find danah, no matter how hard she

“The thing about an email sabbatical is that it doesn’t come straight out of the blue, it’s something I set up over an extended period of time.”

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Amber Mac is a best-selling author, TV host, speaker, and entrepreneur. She started her career as a web strategist at
Razorfish-San Francisco and has spent years working as a tech
broadcaster alongside’s Leo Laporte. She is also the cofounder
of digital agency MGImedia, a well-known blogger, and the author of
Power Friending: Demystifying Social Media to Grow Your Business.