AT&T And Verizon Reveal Data Plans For 4G iPad, Google Chrome Hacked At Pwn2Own, Justice Department May Sue Apple, Publishers

Getty Images Licenses Instagram-shot Yankees Series. Smartphone photo app Instagram has got the Getty Images seal of approval. The image database has licensed a series of portraits shot entirely with the app, suggesting that professional photo organizations are taking photo apps a smidge more seriously. —NS

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Anonymous Shuts Down Vatican Website. The FBI arrest of LulzSec members on ringleader Sabu’s word seems not to have dampened spirits at Anonymous, who hacked into the Vatican website last night. It’s their second attack since the arrests, after yesterday’s hack into a security company called Panda Security. —NS

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Google’s cheerful Doodle marks International Women’s Day.

French Group Hacks Chrome At Pwn2Own. A team of hackers from VUPEN Security have taken Google up on its $60,000 invitation to expose security snags in the Chrome browser. Chrome was the first browser to be successfully hacked at Pwn2Own annual hacking event held in Vancouver, Canada, and it was Chrome’s first time falling too–last year, it was the only browser left unhacked. —NS

AT&T And Verizon Reveal Data Plans For 4G iPad. AT&T and Verizon are keeping their pricing packages for the new 4G LTE iPad similar to their existing 3G plans. AT&T starts at $14.99 per month for 250MB, $30 for 3GB and goes as far as $50 for 5GB. Verizon offers a smaller 2GB, a 5GB package and also a 10GB data plan for $80. —NS

Justice Department May Sue Apple, Publishers. The Justice Department may sue Apple and key publishers over banding together to raise the price of ebooks. The publishers involved HarperCollins Publishers, Lagardere SCA’s Hachette Book Group, Macmillan, Penguin Group (USA), and Simon & Schuster. —NS

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