FBI Arrests Members Of LulzSec, Anonymous, Google Couples Mobile-PC Search History, China Is Facebook’s Biggest Asia App Partner

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FBI Arrests Members Of LulzSec, Anonymous. LulzSec, scion of the Anonymous family and the hacking group behind last year’s attacks on Sony, the CIA, and other organizations, has been betrayed by its leader. According to Fox News, the notorious Sabu, now identified as Hector Xavier Monsegur, had been collaborating with the FBI for months (which at least some of his co-hackers picked up on, one of them confided to Gizmodo in August last year). The FBI has charged six people connected with the groups today, Bloomberg has also confirmed. —NS 


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Judge Orders Google To Share Android Dev Details With Apple. A Chicago judge presiding over a Apple vs. Motorola Mobility patent suit has ordered Google and Motorola Mobility to share details of Android’s development with Apple. The judge also ordered the handover of details of the pending Google-Moto acquisition. A squirming Motorola has petitioned for Apple rival Google to be left out of the fray. —NS 

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Disney Starts Posting Shows On YouTube. Disney and YouTube announced their content deal last year, the first results of which are making their way to YouTube. The pair have uploaded about 70 Disney Channel videos so far, though the content seems so far focused on classic shows, with no sign so far of the original content Disney was planning to debut on the web. —NS

Google Couples Mobile-PC Search History. Google has spruced up mobile search memory on iPhones and Android devices, to remember location results accessed on your PC. With the “Web History” setting enabled, the cross-platform feature lets you pull up the address of the restaurant you searched for at home, say, while out on the town by hitting the “Recent” button on your mobile phone. Google’s recently moved to consolidate your search history across its properties, in a move that’s upset privacy advocates. —NS


China Is Facebook’s Biggest Asia App Partner. Though Facebook is banned in China, app developers in the country still make up the majority of the social network’s app development partners in Asia. Companies like, a game developer, use access to Facebook to connect with clients outside China. —NS

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