Bloomberg Expanding Tech Coverage

The financial news giant is launching a tech vertical, several new blogs, and creating original video content.


The crowded tech news scene will become even more crowded this week–Bloomberg has announced a major overhaul of their tech coverage. Fast Company has learned that Bloomberg’s new tech vertical is scheduled to go live tomorrow, March 6, and will include several new blogs and original video content.

Although the site is not yet publicly online, two of the blogs are already in soft launch: The creatively named Tech Blog and Tech Deals. Both blogs are edited by Marcus Chan, the San Francisco Chronicle‘s former business editor. Chan joined Bloomberg in the summer of 2011 and was part of a hiring spree that also included the Associated Press’ Jordan Robertson. Apart from the blogs, the tech vertical will also include original stories and video alongside content imported from Bloomberg News, Bloomberg Businessweek, and Bloomberg TV.

According to Chan, the Tech Deals blog will also contain a weekly ranking of the 60 wealthiest people in tech worldwide and a video feature where the readership can vote on the best user-submitted 30-second elevator pitch of the week. Content for the tech vertical will be overseen by Tom Giles, Bloomberg News’ U.S. Technology Team Leader. Giles told Fast Company that staff will include Bloomberg Businessweek,, and Bloomberg TV contributors.

Interestingly for New York-centric Bloomberg, the new tech sub-site is largely a West Coast operation. Content will largely be handled by the approximately 70 editors and writers in their San Francisco bureau. Video content for Bloomberg’s tech vertical will be closely tied to Bloomberg West, a television program which has been on the air since 2011. A special one-year-anniversary show for Bloomberg West on Thursday, March 8, will heavily promote the new tech site. The program, which will air live from Silicon Alley’s VC-famous Rosewood Sand Hill Hotel, is currently slated to feature Marc Andreessen, and LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner.

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