Andrew Breitbart Dead At 43, SETI Crowdsources, Branson “Versus” Assange For Google+ Debate

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Apple Wins Injunction Against Motorola. In the tit-for-tat battle between Apple and numerous companies over IP, Apple’s just one a biggish fight–it’s been awarded an injunciton against Motorola in Germany, over a tiny detail in the way scrolling works. There’s no sign Apple will enforce it with a ban on sales of infringing devices or even the destruction of stock, but it is a direct slap at Android, and specifically Google. –KE


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Andrew Breitbart Dead At 43. Journalism entrepreneur and right-wing activist Andrew Breitbart passed away overnight from what are being reported as natural causes. His passing was first reported by Larry Solov of Breitbart’s website. Breitbart served as the Drudge Report’s editor, and helped launch the Huffington Post before developing the family of sites. His death was confirmed by the Los Angeles Coroners’ Office. — NU [Ed. Note: I used to IM with Andrew a lot at a former job–most people don’t realize that he was Drudge Report. Matt, for a while, was barely there. Andrew was writing those headlines, linking those stories, basically making traffic quotas for sites all over the Web. He always made sure his links were to the originator of the news–not the second or third person to pick up someone else’s reporting. He was a weirdo, but not the shouty, angry weirdo he became in the end. He once told me a story, apropos to nothing, about going to see The Cure in concert as a teenager. He was close to the front row. There was a guy next to him going bananas when Robert Smith came on stage. Then, in the middle of the song, the guy pulled out a knife and stabbed himself in the stomach. Seemed unbelievable at the time. Later I found out it was true. –TG]

SETILive Launches New Alien Crowdsourcing Project. The SETI (Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute has launched a crowdsourcing project where visitors to the organization’s website can help hunt for radio signals from beyond Earth. A previous project, the popular SETI@home program, is a screensaver-like piece of software that uses idle computers to help crunch ET-related data. — NU

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Julian Assange, Richard Branson To Debate On Google+ Hangouts. Google has signed on the WikiLeaks leader and overlord of the Virgin Group, among other luminaries, to join a new live debate series called “Versus,” hosted on Google+ Hangouts. The first episode, “It’s Time To End The War On Drugs” will live stream on YouTube on March 13. —NS

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Flipboard Sends Cover Stories To The iPad. Flipboard is sending Cover Stories, which debuted on their hugely popular iPhone app, to the iPad as well. Cover Stories is a semi-curated feed of top news and social news. Flipboard is also launching for France. —NS

Japan Concerned About Google Privacy Policy. Japan joins the U.S. and E.U. in raising concerns about Google’s new privacy scheme which kicks in today. Japanese authorities have written to Google asking the company to clarify how the rules will impact individuals, and respond to any questions users have after the policy rolls out. —NS

Foursquare Leaves Google Maps For OpenStreetMap. Foursquare is checking out of Google Maps and moving to the open-source OpenStreetMap system to power its location-based social network. In collaboration with startup called MapBox, foursquare will be making its own maps, using open data from OpenStreetMaps. —NS

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