Windows 8 Preview Up For Download, $35 Raspberry Pi Computer Goes On Sale, Microsoft And Nokia Collaborate On Maps

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Windows 8 Preview Up For Download. Microsoft has made its Windows 7 successor, Windows 8, available for preview and beta download. Microsoft showed the OS off at the Mobile World Congress today, and it looks like the company, like Apple with Mountain Lion, is looking to even the differences between the interface on its mobile devices and PCs. —NS


EU Privacy Regulator To Investigate Google. CNIL, a data protection agency from France, will investigate Google’s new privacy policy to check if the company’s changes flout the laws the EU has in place to protect user privacy. The U.S. FTC is investigating the company to check if, in weaving YouTube and Google+ results into its search options, Google is putting competitors at a disadvantage. Google’s new privacy policy kicks into effect tomorrow. —NS

Google’s Doodle marks the leap year and the would-be 220th birthday of Italian composer Gioachino Rossini.

Marvel Sends 80 Graphic Novels To iBookstore. Iron Man, Wolverine, Spider-Man and a band of other superheroes are headed to the iBookstore. Comic kings Marvel, following on the heels of their iPad and iPhone apps, are releasing 80 graphic novels into Apple’s e-book zone, and will be topping off the list with a few more titles every week. —NS

$35 Raspberry Pi Computer Goes On Sale. Raspberry Pi, that adorable, adorably cheap computing system conceived over beers at a Cambridge pub, has gone on for sale for $35. It will be followed by a $25 model, which has gone into production. A flood of early orders has crashed the company’s suppliers’ websites. —NS

Microsoft And Nokia Collaborate On Maps. Microsoft and Nokia, who are getting pallier by the day, just announced they’re launching a unified map design adapted to smartphones. Nokia sees Microsoft’s OS as a fresh start on the device front, while Microsoft is betting on Nokia’s massive appeal in some parts of the world to give their Windows Phone OS a chance against established smartphone rulers Android and iOS. —NS

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