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Johnny Jet's Work Flow: Cheap Travel, Fancy Hotels On A Budget, And Upgrading Soldiers

John DiScala, aka Johnny Jet, flies more than 150,000 miles a year. Not bad for someone who was once afraid to fly. The travel expert, who hosts a show on the Travel Channel, says he never suffers from jet lag (note: adjust to local time immediately upon arrival!). During our chat Johnny shares the best way to get deep discounts on travel, including cheap hotel stays at posh resorts, and his favorite ways to stay organized. He also explains why he always upgrades a man or woman in uniform.

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Amber Mac is a best-selling author, TV host, speaker, and entrepreneur. She started her career as a web strategist at Razorfish-San Francisco and has spent years working as a tech broadcaster alongside's Leo Laporte. She is also the cofounder of digital agency MGImedia, a well-known blogger, and the author of Power Friending: Demystifying Social Media to Grow Your Business.