Apple Plans iPad Event For March 7, Google Offers Big Bucks For Chrome Hacks, Flipkart Launches Music Store Flyte

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Apple Sends Out Invites For March 7 Event. Apple has sent out invites to an official event at the San Francisco Buena Center for the Arts, where they’re expected to show off their newest iPad. The invites carry an image of what looks a lot like the long anticipated high-res iPad screen, over the following teaser: “We have something you really have to see. And touch.” —NS


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Facebook’s Credits May Violate Antitrust Laws. Two law firms are investigating Facebook Credits, the payment system that allows app developers and game makers to collect cold cash for virtual gaming currency. The lack of an alternative for gamers or virtual currency providers together could mean Facebook is crossing a line, the firms believe. —NS

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Facebook Friends Mobile Providers. Facebook will collaborate with mobile providers on in-app payments, Facebook CTO Brett Taylor announced yesterday at the Mobile World Congress, an alliance that could benefit both parties. Mobile providers could help Facebook reach basic phones in parts of Africa and India, where scores of users sign up via feature phones. Facebook in turn may avoid paying competitors like Google and Apple, who claim a cut of in-app purchases, but it’s still unclear how non-app purchases would come about in the mobile operator payment scheme. —NS

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Datasift Posts Two-Year Twitter Archive. Datasift is hosting Twitter archives for the past two years open and available to all those interested. It’s the first time Twitter history of this time scale has been revealed. Twitter will take a cut from Datashift as licensing fees as Datasift rents out the archive to businesses. There’s been plenty of interest so far–Datasift told the BBC about 1,000 companies were already on the waiting list to access the archive. –-NS

Google Offers Big Bucks For Chrome Hacks. Google is offering a reward of up to $60,000 for anyone who can find bugs and flaws in its Chrome code, as a way to keep its browser’s accidental leaks plugged (a tactic Facebook and Mozilla have employed before). Google is posing this challenge at the CanSecWest security conference in Vancouver, as part of its ongoing Chromium Security Rewards bug bounty program, which has handed out $300,000 since it launched two years ago. —NS

Flipkart Launches Music Store Flyte. India’s premier web store Flipkart has now added a digital music catalog to its online wares. The music site Flyte launched yesterday with music selections in more than 40 languages, and like the Apple iTunes store, sells individual MP3s. —NS

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