StumbleUpon Gets NFC, Androidized, Dropbox Acquires Communications Startup Cove, HTC Includes Dropbox In New Series

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StumbleUpon Gets NFC, Androidized. Content discovery engine StumbleUpon, riding a mobile growth high, is set to announce a new partnership with Google at the Mobile World Congress. Cozied up with the Ice Cream Sandwich OS, StumbleUpon could let users share their Stumbles through NFC on the Google devices. StumbleUpon is also due to launch an updated app for all its mobile devices today. —NS


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Dropbox Acquires Communications Startup Cove. Dropbox has made its first purchase–a collaboration and communications startup called Cove, launched in 2011 by a trio of ex-Facebookers. Dropbox’s purchase of this cross-talk platform could help it win points with the enterprise crowd, and indicates that may be an area Dropbox may focus on next. —NS

–Updated 11:40 a.m. EST

WikiLeaks And Anonymous Publish Stratfor Emails. WikiLeaks has teamed up with hacker group Anonymous and two dozen media outlets to publish “The Global Intelligence Files,” drawing from about 5 million emails of the Stratfor intelligence group. Anonymous hacked Stratfor on Christmas Eve, shutting its websites down over the last days of 2011. —NS

HTC Includes Dropbox In New HTC One Series. HTC is tucking Dropbox into its newest line of smartphones. The HTC One series comes with 25GB of free Dropbox space for two years, pairing well, the companies says, with the new camera features on the phone itself. This follows well from Dropbox’s own recent auto-photo upload feature announced for its Android app last week. —NS


Microsoft Targets 23 New Countries For Windows Phone. Microsoft is amping up its Windows Phone strategy, and planning an expansion of its software in 23 new markets starting with China, Thailand, and Venezuela. The plans are for its OS to take off on phones manufactured by key parters like Nokia (which has quickly become the world’s leading device seller with the Windows Phone OS on board). —NS

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