• 02.24.12

The 10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week

Catch up on the stories people were clicking, reading, sharing, tweeting, Facebooking, pinning, and more–from the Fast Company network.

This week’s stories ranged from networking tips, to innovative “sock” weaves used in designing Nike’s newest shoes, to a powerful short film on how the proliferation of tech in cities will make city life more efficient and sustainable in the near future. Catch up on the most popular stories below.


Cali Williams presents the case for thinking outside of traditional norms relating to big purchases, saving for retirement, and achieving the “American Dream.”

Solar System

Don Peppers discusses the value in maintaining friendships with people who aren’t really your friends.

Man Blindfolded

Bob Frisch argues that a marriage of strategy and culture are required for a business to succeed.


E.B. Boyd analyzes Facebook’s new social advertising campaign, and discusses how Facebook can leverage its data to properly target intended audiences.

Thumb Up

Tim Maly will have you thinking twice about clicking SEND.

Nike Shoe

Ever dreamed about taking a stroll in your nice, comfy socks? Nike has answered your prayers.

Tarot Card

Scott Anthony makes a compelling case on the importance of market research and knowing your customer.

Thumb Drive

Austin Carr discusses why startups are king and how Y Combinator mitigates the traditional drawbacks of starting your own company.

Thumb Drive

Anthony Bourdain keeps TV real by keeping it real himself. (But what happens when keeping it real goes wrong?).


A must-watch video that covers urbanite mindsets, new technologies, and innovations that will help cities become more sustainable.

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