Google May Sell AR Glasses This Year, New Premium Ads Expected From Facebook, Apple Plans Second Enormous Data Center

UK Govt. Calls For Innovation, Alternatives To GPS. There’s a sore need to innovate in the navigation space and create GPS alternatives, a committee has warned. The way things are wired today, fluctuating space weather could easily knock out GPS systems crucial to everyone from the military to financial systems, leaving no back-up plan if such an event took place. —NS

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Google’s Doodle commemorates 155 years since the birth of Heinrich Hertz, the first person to prove the existence of electromagnetic waves. 

Google May Sell AR Glasses This Year. Long simmering rumors about Google’s sci-fi AR glasses are coming to a boil. The New York Times has heard that the experimental products which could be able to to track locations, or identify objects being looked at, may be going on sale before the end of the year, costing somewhere between $250 and $600. —NS

New Premium Ads Expected From Facebook. Facebook may be launching tougher, more effective, premium ads later this month, which can be launched from a brand’s Facebook Page, and targeted at any user. With Facebook’s first Facebook Marketing Conference in NYC around the corner, it’s likely these are the first of a few changes we can expect to see rolling out soon. —NS

Apple Plans Second Enormous Data Center. Apple has confirmed that it is building a second data center in Oregon on a 160-acre plot. This comes a day after the company revealed the shiny details about a solar and fuel cell-powered data center it’s planning in North Carolina. —NS

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