Barnes & Noble Announces $199 Nook Tablet, DataWind Off The Aakash Case, Google Planning Satellite Farm In Iowa

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Google To Stream Stock Data From LSEG. Google and the London Stock Exchange Group have partnered up. According to the agreement, London Stock trading data will now be streaming in real time, for free, across the Google-verse for the first time. Pre-Google, the data was available only after a 15-minute delay, LSEG said in a press release. —NS


Barnes & Noble Launches Kindle Fire Competitor. B&N is launching a $199 Nook Tablet with 8GB of memory, and priced just right to give the Kindle Fire a bit of a freeze. (The original 16GB Nook Tablet costs $50 more.) The company also released their Q3 earnings in which they reported that Nook business had grown 38% in this last quarter to $542 million. —NS

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Apple To Power Data Center With Massive Solar Farm. Apple is building a new data center in Maiden, North Carolina, and planning an enormous 100-acre solar array in the surrounding area to power it. It’s the biggest user-owned solar facility of its kind, Apple claims in a new report, and together with its other features (like a 5-megawatt biogas fuel cell installation) has earned the center Platinum grade LEED certification. —NS

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Google Planning Satellite Farm In Iowa. Google has submitted an application to the Federal Communications Commission, with plans to build a “satellite farm” in a 1,000-acre plot it owns near Council Bluffs, Iowa. The farm will plug into the Google Fiber high-speed Internet project, which is being piloted in Kansas City, about 200 miles away. —NS

iPhone 4S From China Telecom On Sale March 9. China Telecom will start selling the iPhone 4S on March 9th, the company has finally announced, making it the second carrier after China Unicom to sell Apple’s latest phone with a contract. This furthers Apple’s reach in the country in spite of Proview’s recent attempts to stall iPad sales over the naming copyright. —NS


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Twitter Partners With Russian Search Giant Yandex. Twitter has signed a deal with Russian search giant Yandex, to license their “fire hose” of tweets that are populating the network in real time. Until last July, Twitter and Google had a similar agreement, which powered Google’s real-time search results. Yandex’s new deal may help it edge ahead of Google, at least on the home front. —NS

Aakash Manufacturer DataWind To Be Let Go. Indian telecom minister Kapil Sibal has said the government will not renew its manufacturing order with DataWind for future versions of India’s $35 tablet. For those involved with the Aakash project, this is the second shakeup in recent weeks–in February, Sibal announced that lead engineers at IIT Jodhpur–the original designers of the $35 tablet prototype–would no longer be involved with picking the tablet’s commercial manufacturers. —NS

Google Dodged Privacy Settings On Internet Explorer. After reports last week that Google had snagged a loophole in Safari’s security and devised a cookie workaround, Microsoft is claiming Google’s gotten past security features on the Internet Explorer browser as well. Dean Hacamovitch, IE’s VP, explained that though the mechanics of the bypass were different on IE, the results Google got were similar. —NS

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