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This week, we revealed our annual Most Innovative Companies list. You devoured it, like you do each year. (And why wouldn’t you? It’s a roadmap to the future of business.) There’s plenty to explore in the full list, but a few story subjects stood out: Jack Dorsey’s Square, for example, which we highlighted for changing the way people pay for all kinds of goods, and Y Combinator, for enabling more people to innovate. Other must-reads ranged from movie poster psychology to raw, grammatically dubious love letters from a young Michael Jeffrey Jordan. Catch up on the most popular stories below.

Movie Poster

Find out how movie studios elicit emotional responses and connections from seemingly simple movie posters.

People In Smoke

Brian Solis presents the case for why user experience can no longer be neglected in our ultra-competitive tech landscape.

Jack Dorsey

Learn about Square’s history and how they are changing the way we pay through our phones.


Lydia Dishman outlines how gratitude can improve your business.


Y Combinator is revolutionizing the way start-ups receive education, funding, and most importantly, networking support in their industries.

Thumb Drive

Kit Eaton predicts that memory sticks will float into the cloud.


Helen Walters presents the do’s and don’ts of user interfaces.


We know Michael Jordan can ball, but can he write a love letter?

Dr. Manhattan

Alan Moore discusses why old source material is better, and how big comic book manufacturers are stymieing creativity and original content.


Andrew Price takes a look at the future of working from home (pretty slides included).

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