Congress Quizzes Apple On Path, Google Updates Wallet With Partial Fix, Zynga Posts Q4 Loss, Apple May Cuts iAd Prices

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Congress Quizzes Apple On Path’s Contact Privacy Matters. While the tech world bickers and sometimes misunderstands the tech of the Path contact-upload debacle, Congress has decided to intervene and has sent a letter to Apple’s CEO because of “questions about whether Apple’s iOS app developer policies and practices may fall short when it comes to protecting the information of iPhone users and their contacts.” Congress has the tech questions right here, and we’ll see what Apple says. –KE


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LiveJournal Launches Spinoff Brand. In response to a previous Fast Company story, blogging outfit LiveJournal has launched the LJ Media Publishing Group. The spinoff will focus on transforming selected LiveJournal-hosted blogs–including Oh No They Didn’t, AnythingDiz, and CraftGrrl–into full-fledged destination sites. 40 to 50 blogs are expected to participate by the end of 2012; LiveJournal will assist them with promotional marketing and technical help. —NU

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Aereo To Deliver TV Anywhere. Aereo, a new streaming service was announced in New York yesterday. It’s setting up technology that will bring broadcast TV programs into any device connected to the Internet. The company (which in a previous life was called Bamboom Labs), announced their service for New York, along with a tidy funding round of $20.5 million led by Barry Diller and IAC. —NS

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Amazon’s Prime Numbers Low. Subscriptions to Amazon’s membership service, Amazon Prime, may be half as many as analysts have estimated, sources have told the Washington Post. Sluggish adoption of Amazon’s 7-year-old service, the Post reasons, could impact Amazon’s revenues. —NS


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FCC To Revoke LightSquared 4G Approval. LightSquared, an up-and-coming 4G LTE network venture backed by billionaire Philip Falcone, had the potential to change broadband Internet access in the U.S. However, early tests revealed that the tech would disrupt GPS signals. The FCC has ruled that the problem is too serious to ignore, and un-fixable, an will withdraw initial approval it had granted the service. —NS

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Siri To Speak Japanese. Siri can now speak French, English, and German, but Apple may soon add Japanese to that list, Apple’s voice-activated PA has confessed. When asked what languages she speaks, Siri lists all four, but only the existing three can be activated. 9to5Mac estimates that Apple may update Siri at their next big launch event. Apple has said Siri’s linguistic chops will cover Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Italian, and Spanish before the year is out. —NS

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Google Updates Wallet With Partial Fix. Google has updated its Google Wallet NFC payments app to fix one of the two security flaws detected on the system last week. Google has reactivated the prepaid card feature they’d temporarily disabled, and the app fix prevents users from hijacking those details from a misplaced, screen-lock-less phone. —NS

Zynga Posts Q4 Loss. Zynga posted its Q4 earnings yesterday, showing an overall loss of $435 million, but performing better than analysts had predicted. Facebook’s games buddy has had a rocky few months since its December IPO, where it picked up $1 billion–stocks started out strong, but dipped dramatically soon after, pausing for a bump in response to Facebook’s S-1 filing earlier this month. —NS

Apple May Cuts iAd Prices. Apple may be cutting the minimum price it’ll charge advertisers to run campaigns on their mobile advertising platform iAd. The ads, appearing in iPhone and iPad apps, will now cost a minimum of $100,000, down from $500,000 before, sources have told Ad Age. —NS

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