Google-Motorola Deal Approved, Hulu’s Original Series Premieres, iPad 3 Rumors: 4G Runners, 8-inchers

Inkling Tackles Apple’s iBooks Author App. Inkling, a startup centered on e-publishing, has just launched Inkling Habitat as a direct rival to Apple’s own free (and slightly controversial) e-book publishing app for the iPad. It’s a cloud-based suite, and its output is the same kind of rich-media interactive pubished content that Apple touted so heavily in its recent press event. Similar to Apple’s iBooks Author distribution requirement, using it requires distributing the books through the Inkling store, which means giving up a cut, but unlike Apple you can sell your book elsewhere too. –KE  

EU And U.S. Approve Google-Motorola Deal. Google has approval from the European Union and the U.S. Department of Justice to complete its acquisition of Motorola Mobility. Google’s newfound hardware toys puts in a plum position to battle on with rival Apple. —NS

iPad 3 Rumors: 4G Runners, 8-inchers. Sources have told the Wall Street Journal that Apple’s next iPad will run on AT&T’s and Verizon’s 4G networks. They’ve also heard from suppliers that Apple is testing a smaller iPad model with an 8-inch screen, that could compete with the Kindle Fire and Samsung’s line of 7-inch Galaxy Tabs (the newest of which Samsung announced yesterday). —NS

Hulu’s Original Series Premieres. Barely a week after Netflix launched Lilyhammer, its first original series, Hulu has premiered its own original show, Battleground. If Netflix wanted to break the TV model of releasing a show a week, Hulu, consistent with its existing content, wants to stick to a TV-like weekly schedule. 

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