Anonymous Successfully Attacks CIA Website, Russian TV Given Scoop

As of 4 p.m. Eastern on Friday afternoon, the Central Intelligence Agency’s website is down… and hacktivist group Anonymous are allegedly responsible. Visitors to the website are currently greeted by an error message.

The @youranonnews Twitter feed, which is connected to Anonymous, posted a message at 3:25pm which appears to claim responsibility:

CIA TANGO DOWN: #Anonymous (via@RT_America) 

“Tango down” is a term used by United States Special Forces after they have killed a terrorist. The Tweet directs users to a news story from RT/Russia Today, a Russian government-operated English-language television cable news network. RT’s story notes the existence of Anonymous’ FuckFBIFriday campaign last week, when the organzation leaked a series of infamous conference calls between the FBI and Scotland Yard.

For American audiences, RT is best known as the television home of WikiLeaks guru Julian Assange’s upcoming television show.

Although @youranonnews posted a link to RT’s article, other Anonymous-affiliated Twitter feeds such as @anonymousirc and @anonymouspress have not made any claims of responsibility for the attack.

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