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ManageWP Is The Unified Wordpress Dashboard We've Needed For Years

Sometimes, we take for granted those hindrances in life that seem to have a solution. Those of us who have multiple Wordpress blogs have always simply logged in multiple times in different tabs to manage them. There's a solution that we didn't know we were missing until we saw it with our own eyes.

When it comes to managing multiple sites at once, most bloggers were limited in their choices. Tumblr offers the option, as does Google's Blogger platform, but Wordpress has been conspicuously obtuse when it comes to managing multiple blogs from a single platform.

That's the gap that ManageWP has filled. Anyone who has had to manage multiple blogs for their company or personal reasons has often opted to go with Tumblr as the easier, less-robust platform simply because of the ease of multiple-blog management. With ManageWP, the dashboards of these sites can be unified.

How this was never built before is beyond me, but now that it's here I wonder how I lived without it. Wordpress pro Vladimir Prelovac began developing the tool 2 years ago is closing in on 100,000 managed sites as of late last year. With the growing need for businesses in particular to have a more profound blogging presence in their social media arsenal, it's amazing that something like this took so long to produce.

There are advantages with open source platforms like Wordpress, but the biggest problem is often associated with missing the obvious. In the world of developers, we often look for the innovative idea that will enhance the code in ways that nobody every thought of before, but the clear needs that don't get filled early can take years before someone takes the time to actually build it.

Finally, after nearly a decade of heavy use, Wordpress has its unified dashboard. What's next?

[Image: Flickr user mark sebastian]

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