Amazon Inks Deal With Viacom, Sprint Announces iPhone-led Q4 Highs And Lows, Japan Targets 30% Cut In Rare Earth Use

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Amazon Inks Deal With Viacom For Video Streaming. Amazon has plumped up its Prime Instant video streaming catalog with a pile new TV shows, courtesy of its new agreement with entertainment hub Viacom. The deal brings up its video count to over 15,000, putting it in a stronger position to compete against the recently formed Redbox/Verizon double act and traditional TV destroyer Netflix. —NS 


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Sprint’s Q4 Sees iPhone Led Highs And Lows. Sprint is announcing results coming off its first quarter carrying an iPhone. The good news is that the carrier sold 1.8 million phones, 40% of those to new customers. The slightly sour news though, is that the costs associated with the iPhone contributed to a net loss of $1.3 billion, compared to $301 million in the previous quarter. —NS

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Toyota Aims High, Prices Low With Prius c. Toyota has high sales hopes for its cheapest hybrid, the Prius c, gearing up to launch in the U.S. in March. (A basic Prius c costs $18,950, $5000 less than the regular model.) The company’s goal is to sell 40,000 units this year to “younger buyers.” Honda tried to hit that sweet spot last year, with the Insight, but fell short of its goal of 90,000 units annually with 20,962 in its best year, Bloomberg reports. —NS

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Japan Wants 30% Cut In Rare Earth Use In Two Years. To free the country from China’s control on rare earths, Japan is planning a 30% cut in consumption of the heavy rare earth dysprosium that’s used in electronics and hybrid cars. (The DOE has a plan too.) The government is budgeting $65 million to help companies scale back their needs by recycling the existing element or by developing methods to avoid using it entirely. —NS


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Google’s Chrome App-ed For Android. At long last, Google has announced an app version of their web browser Chrome, for the Google-made mobile OS, Android. Out in beta for now, the app only runs on the latest version of the OS, Android 4.0, or Ice Cream Sandwich. —NS

Anonymous Leaks Syrian Government Emails. Hacker group Anonymous accessed and published several messages from the the email inboxes of Syria’s president and government aides. The groups also posted the passwords (most of them were “12345”) of all the accounts. —NS

Nokia Moving Manufacturing To Asia. Nokia is moving much of its European assembly and manufacturing to Asia, after cutting 4,000 jobs in Mexico, Hungary, and Finland. The move is intended to speed up delivery and streamline manufacturing by being closer to their Asian suppliers. —NS


Pinterest Hits 10 Million Users. Pinterest is beginning to do wonders for retailers selling everything from yoga to yogurt, and just passed a milestone of 10 million unique U.S. visitors per month. According to ComScore, Pinterest’s the fastest-growing single site to hit that mark. —NS

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