Amazon Retail Store In Seattle?, HTC Reports Rough Quarter, Facebook To Introduce Mobile Ads

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Amazon Retail Store In Seattle? Amazon is rumored to be building a retail store near home base Seattle. The pilot boutique store, Good E-reader has heard, will sell high-end electronics, Amazon products like the Kindle, and books, likely several from Amazon’s own Amazon Exclusives line. —NS


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HTC Reports Rough Quarter. Smartphone maker HTC is posting less-than-cheery Q4 results, with gloomy forecasts ahead. The company saw booming smartphone sales for 2010 and part of 2011 as it rode the Android wave but the quickly crowding market and competition seem to have tripped it up. HTC is now rethinking its product strategy (we approve!) to focus on fewer, better products in the coming months. —NS

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Facebook To Introduce Mobile Ads. Facebook is hugely popular on mobile phones, but has yet to effectively make money off the service. That’s about to change–according to the Financial Times, Facebook may be launching ads on mobile devices in March, before its IPO expected in May. —NS



Google And Facebook Agree To Block Content In India. Google and Facebook have blocked content on Indian domain sites after a court requested they censor the material. The “offensive” content on the two sites and 19 others drew out two court cases against the companies in India. The companies’ first response, as of about a month ago, was that they wouldn’t remove content. But the tech giants appear to have changed their mind in this case. —NS


KLM Launches Social Networked Seating Scheme. KLM’s “Meet & Seat” program, launched late Friday, will allow their passengers to connect with fellow travelers via Facebook or LinkedIn before they get on board. The idea, KLM explains, is to allow passengers to use it to select “seat partners” based on mutual interests, perhaps meet for coffee in the airport lounge, or share a cab to a conference hotel at their destination. —NS

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