The Facebook IPO Players Club: Jeff Rothschild

They were doing just fine before, but the biggest of Facebook’s minority owners are about to be catapulted into a far more elite bracket. Current employee Jeff Rothschild is set to earn hundreds of millions, prime capital for investing in other startups.


Who he is: Jeff Rothschild is currently VP of Technology at Facebook, according to his LinkedIn page, which also says he’s a consulting partner at Accel Partners. His Facebook page (username: “Jeff,” which tells you a certain little something about his worth) tells us he studied both psychology and computer science at Vanderbilt University–masters degree for the latter–and his photos suggest he’s an adventurous type. So far, so obscure: What’s his history with this company, as he doesn’t fit the profile of some of the other players in the IPO club? When you learn he was cofounder of software firm Veritas, it’s clearer…and then everything makes sense after you find out he came in as part of Accel’s investment, but was persuaded to stay as staff by Zuckerberg. Zuck was worried his servers would crash, and Rothschild had the smarts to make everything resilient.


What’s his connection with Facebook?: See above. For a company as critically reliant on its computing assets as this, Rothschild’s is one of the most important jobs there is.

How much he’s worth: Not known, but with his history, age and position in Accel we can assume “wealthy.”

How much he’ll gain via Facebook’s IPO: Rothschild is said to have a 0.8% stake, which equates to $680 million if Facebook’s worth $85 billion at IPO.

What he may do with the money: Unknown. Maybe plan some smart investments as a retirement plan, as he’s well into his 50s, or follow more of his pursuits (from his Facebook page we know he’s part of Facebook’s Culinary team and is fond of travel and skiing).


What he’ll earn at IPO: At a $100 billion valuation, Rothschild’s share will convert to $800 million in stock.


What he’ll do with it: Rothschild is more of a mystery than many other members of the IPO Club. We know he must love working at Facebook because that’s where he still is. He’s also, according to his LinkedIn profile, a consulting partner at Accel Partners…which could be a great vehicle for him to invest some of his incoming riches. Previously he spoke at technical conferences too, which makes us wonder if his wealth may let him diversify his career away from Facebook.

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[Image via Rothschild’s public Facebook page]

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